03 November 2022

A ball of yarn #15

 Yesterday I painted a rock. I didn't know what to paint but when I saw this rock on my desk, I grabbed it. First lesson learned: PLAN your still life ahead of time. It was SO BAD that I threw it away. It taught me two things. First, was planning the still life, and the other that rocks are really hard to paint alla prima. No excuses, it was just total rubbish. Lessons learned and now proceed onto something else.

I am knitting a sweater and I thought maybe painting my needles, work done so far, a ball of yarn, a full skein might work??? This is a 6 X 6 painting and the needles were way too big to include. I tried various compositions but settled on this. 

On my monitor it looks fair. Lesson learned, a ball of wool is hard to paint although I gave it my all. I used liquin on this.

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