03 November 2022

This is my first real painting

 Up until now I have been doing what I've come to understand as Alla Prima work. This is work done in one sitting. I don't think they are considered "real" paintings. Mine certainly weren't. 

There is a building at the end of my street on the corner of Route 1 and Leach street. I have no idea why I am abscessed with painting it but I've had this compulsion happen with pencil portraits of brothers, my first portraits. These were sketches as well. As far as I understand (from the internet) a real painting is sketched out and planned and done over a series of days. I have to say "but what do I know".

                                      This painting did start with a draft sketch

Then I transferred the sketch to an actual stretched canvas, 8 X 8

Then I made an underpainting

"In my understanding" which is probably flawed, the underpainting gets the masses in place and "sets" the values. I viewed this using a notan app as well as plain black and white. I used Liquin to get the paint to dry more quickly.

Next day it was actually dry and I was amazed. I repainted it in more detail, correcting the color and adding the "entertainment" as a painting teacher described it. Now all that is left is for this paint without Liquin to dry so I can add the wash of white/light to the two streetlights.

Is this amazing...no. Is it a good start, yes. I have to remember that I won't be a competent painter over night. I was comforted by a very successful artist I follow who said we will never get "there" because there is no "there". It's just a matter of getting better, or at least working toward that goal daily...hence, Daily Painting.

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